"We are Thom and Judy Dandridge and have been fortunate enough to be together on a wonderful journey of love and adventure for 46 years. Our company Pathdrummer, is a small business that promotes spiritual healing and relaxation through the use of the drum. We are the drum keepers of a Spirit Awakening Drum named Beverly. This drum came to us in a vision during a pipe ceremony and we began taking the steps to bring this vision to fruition. In 2014 we realized that our paths lay in sharing this drum and her message with the universe. Beverly, the Spirit Awakening Drum, is 36 inches in diameter and has a full, deep tone that promotes healing through vibrations and relaxation. To our knowledge, there is no other drum like this in the world.

Thom is a certified HealthRHYTHMS® facilitator, Reiki Master, and Sound Empowerment facilitator. Judy plays the Native American flute and is a nature photographer and artist. Both Thom & Judy have participated in and facilitated drum circles since 2001."