Spiritual Warrior Coaching



From 1972 to 1981 I lived and worked in a 'spiritual community' in West Virginia and from that experience came to understand that we constantly re-live and re-act to childhood-based beliefs and programming. I learned how to change my behaviors and beliefs to coincide with my inner warrior. I became a certified massage therapist and knew then that my life's purpose was to give people a space to be nurtured and feel peace. In 1981 I moved to Washington, DC opened a massage practice that lasted 28 years. During that time I expanded my business skills as well, offering business consulting to individuals opening their own practices.

As my massage practice began to wind down, I took a small workshop on Life Coaching in DC that changed my direction focus. I began to see I could use my spiritually-based skills combined with coaching to guide clients to change their behaviors and beliefs to find their own inner warrior.

I completed my coach training with The Coaches Training Institute (CTI, in 2007, the Co-Active Leadership Program in 2008, and the Certification Program in 2011.

I live and work in Fort Walton Beach continuing to expand my knowledge and skills in coaching, Pranic Healing and Reiki Therapy.