The Gong Divas

         Xanna Avery and Monita Lynn Baker

                                                                                                            Phoenix, Arizona

Xanna Avery is an empath, a psychic, and a healer. She has actively walked a spiritual path for the last 35 years. When she first began to play the gongs, she felt as though a new world opened up, with tones that could be used for meditation, healing, journeying, and relaxation. She incorporates crystal and Tibetan bowls, rattles, bell drum, chimes and other instruments. As a partner with Monita Baker playing as the Gong Divas, Xanna works to allow the sounds of the planet and universe to manifest riding on the rich vibration of the instruments to create a unique and positive experience.

Monita Baker is a feng shui and personal energy expert, helping you find and reconnect with yourself. Whether in your environment, your physical body, or in your spirit, Monita can help you transition toward the person you've always wanted to become by putting you in touch with the part of yourself that you thought was forever lost....but that's been there all the time, just waiting for you. Monita's , background as a reiki master, shamanic practitioner, and certified master feng shui consultant has given her the tools to guide you on your transformation, and do it in a way that is natural, flowing, connected, and healing. Monita is also co-founder of the group The Gong Divas. They have performed at many venues around the Phoenix Metro area: Scottsdale Library, Interfaith Community Church , Asfaleia Healing Center and are excited to be invited back for the second year in a row for the Gathering of Healers 2017 in Ft. Defiance, Az. When not performing with the Gong Divas you may catch Monita on stage or in ceremony with her partner and duality world renowned master indigenous flutist and instrument maker Xavier Quijas Yxayotl. Monita resides in Glendale, Az with Xavier and their three dogs Ali, Emmett and Misty.