Beautiful Healing With Mechelle


My work has evolved since I was a young child. I was raised in Kentucky then moved to the Navajo Reservation in 1996, where I reside.

I became a nurse in 1984. My work as a nurse has included Medical/Surgical, Oncology, Pediatric Ward and Clinic, Emergency Room, Director for Pediatric Clinic and Surgical Clinic, and Utilization Review.

My true Spiritual jouney began in 2009 when my sister was diagnosed with cancer. We had a very special bond, and I know she came here to activate my soul, so I would have a story.

I am a Reiki Master, soul activator, energy worker, and hand trembler. I have been gifted by God, and the Universe, to help you on your Journey.

Angel Bags

Have you always wanted to work with your Angels? They are all around you and willing to assist.

I was called to work with the Angel many years ago, and now I have been asked to assist you. Miracles do happen.

Each angel has different healing properties just as the crystals and stones. The sands have been collected from all over the World, and are then blended with crystals, gems, and resins. The bags are infused with Reiki energy and will connect to your guides to assist with your journey.

Each angel is gift wrapped in and organza pouch and will have crystals added. The medicine sands will be in a muslin bag with a special charm. Both bags will be added into a beautiful brocade bag.

I am guided daily by the Angels. I do believe in Miracles.