Earth Mother Wisdom

De Alva Ward is a "Puhagant" from Kaibab Band of Paiute Indians and Hopi tribes of Arizona. She is also a clan member of the Badger/Butterfly Clan of Old Oraibi, Arizona. Through her indigenous practice she incorporates her spiritual and cultural ways in her all her transformational sessions as well as her shamanic sessions. During all sessions she channels her ancestors, power animals, cosmic, and elemental beings to provide intuitive information about a person's subconscious issues within the body that are restricting self-empowerment in life. After the session she gives you intuitive guidance to better understand how to improve your physical, emotion/mental, and spiritual well-being. The Shamanic work she does is spirit guided from her Sacred Power Animal to remove energy inclusions within the body to release what is no longer needed from the body to enhance the energy within. As a spiritual teacher she teaches everyone to find the power within their own spirit to shine as bright as the sun in all they do.