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Reiki Master

Crystal Doherty, public school teacher and Reiki Master. Crystal knew as a child that she wanted to be a school teacher with special needs children. The March of Dimes commercials that used to air on television spoke to her, even then. Many times she cried for the children. In 1996, she received her initial Reiki attunements as a home health hospice CNA. It was a calling then that wasn't understood. Growing up In the religious deep south of Mississippi, alternative healing practices weren't widely known nor accepted. So Reiki got tucked into her bonnet for later. Later just happens to be now.

In 2009, life took a shift. Like many humans these days, Crystal began to question much about life. She began to search for deeper answers to uneasy questions. In her search, she discovered a passion for holistic healing practices. Energy connections and health and well being all seemed connected. The integration of traditional healing methods such as medicine men, shaman, herbalists, acupuncture, etc. should be included in modern medical practices. Hidden in the disconnect seemed to be the key to true healing.

In 2013, she connected in a powerful way, and answered the call of Spirit. She moved to Fort Defiance, AZ , as a school teacher at Window Rock High School. Here, she connected with the Gathering of Healers, Mechelle Morgan-Flowers, and the Heal the Healers group. That is a whole other long story for another day.

During her years here she has grown in her knowledge and confidence of holistic healing practices. She has learned from traditional medicine people(men and women), becoming active in community activities through the school, monthly Heal the Healers groups, and by attending the Gathering yearly. Each year of the GoH offers a new aspect for natural healing.

In 2016, Crystal completed the Reiki Master course under Lavina Pete, along with Mechelle Morgan-Flowers, Cindy Damon, and a few other ladies locally. The Heal the Healers group meetings held monthly includes Reiki practice, drumming circles, intuitive healings, traditional healings, and a variety of other modalities.