Gathering Of Healers 2017
August 3-6, 2017 Window Rock, Arizona

Welcome To Our Website For The Upcoming Event

We will be hosting our 6th Gathering Of Healers,  on the Navajo Reservation August 2-7, 2017, at the Navajo Nation Museum in Window Rock, AZ.

We are from all religions and all cultures. Our mission is to network with others,  from around the Country and World, to bring sacred teachings and love to others.

We are a 501(c)(3) non profit organization.

Mechelle Morgan-Flowers

Gathering Of Healers President

About Us

We began our Journey six years ago and hosted our first "Gathering Of Healers" in 2012.

Many have traveled from around the World to come and be part of this experience. This event is open to all. We are all healers, Traditional Men and Women, and Souls that are wanting to connect to make beautiful changes in our own communities while we connect with others from around the World.

Gathering of Healers (GOH) provides support, training and networking for traditional and nontraditional healers through a variety of programs and event which support healing of human beings of all ages and cultures and encompasses the well being of all life on our home planet Earth.

Our GOH main Event will be hosted once a year on the Navajo Nation, in Window Rock, Arizona at the Navajo Nation Museum. It includes a Traditional Hogan Ceremony, a variety of workshops (for adults and children), healing and talking circles, music, and drumming circles.

WEBSITE: Gathering Of Healers

Gathering of Healers is a 501 © (3) Tax Deductible Non-Profit Educational Organization

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Board Of Directors

Mechelle Morgan-Flowers

Linda Herzog               

Cindy Green                

Mailing Address For Donations

Gathering Of Healers                                                                                    C/O Mechelle Morgan-Flowers PO Box 137 Ft Defiance, AZ 86504


We are asking for donations of funds, silent auction items, and sponsors for the Event.

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